6 Things to do after a Car Wreck while on Vacation

what to do in car wreck on vacation

what to do in car wreck on vacationAbingdon, Bristol and Johnson City

Being involved in a car accident is never something anyone looks forward to, especially when it happens on vacation. With vacation season upon us, there will be a lot more distracted driving that occurs across our state and others. Even with laws in place, drivers still use their phones while driving either to make or receive calls or to navigate using their phone’s GPS unit. A car accident can really ruin your vacation, whether it happens when you’re on your way to your favorite destination or on your way home.

The Law Offices of Michael R. Munsey, P.C., have six things that you should do after a car wreck while on vacation:

  1. Call emergency services

It’s always a good idea to call emergency services after you have been involved in a car accident, especially if any possible injuries are suspected. Even in minor fender benders, the police should be called to assess the situation, and write any citations for the responsible parties involved.

  1. Take pictures of the scene, and all vehicles involved

Nowadays, just about everyone has a smartphone or a phone capable of taking photographs. If you are physically able, you should take pictures of the incident, all vehicles involved, as well as the area in which the accident occurred. For example, if there were traffic lights or stop signs, speed limit signs, limited sight areas like curves or blocked roadways, you should take pictures of these surroundings as they could support your case later.

  1. Talk to potential witnesses, if available

If it is possible, and anyone stops when your accident occurs, ask potential witnesses to stick around to talk to the police to give their account of the accident. This could prove beneficial in any future settlements relating to your case. Be sure also to take down their name and contact information for future reference.

  1. Seek medical care of any injuries, even minor ones

Injuries don’t always occur with auto accidents, but while you may think that you are fine, you may suffer from an injury or chronic pain as a result of an untreated injury. This is why getting medical treatment, even for minor fender benders is important, especially if you end up filing a lawsuit against the negligent driver. It may take several days following a minor accident before injuries are apparent. Whiplash is a common injury sustained in car accidents. Symptoms may include low back or neck pain, dizziness, headaches, and more. If not treated properly, it could lead to life-long medical problems.

  1. Exchange driver’s information from other drivers involved

Always exchange information such as driver’s license numbers, insurance information, and contact information with the other drivers involved. This way, your insurance company, or even your accident attorney, has the necessary information for contacting the right individuals. Even if you do not need to get an attorney involved, your insurance company still will need this information. If for some reason you do not obtain this information on the scene, for instance, if you were rushed to the hospital for treatment of your injuries, then the police should have this information on file.

  1. Contact an experienced car accident attorney in the Tri-Cities

You might not think that you need to hire an accident attorney, especially if no long-standing injuries occurred, but if the accident you were involved in was due to the negligence of someone else, then you should be compensated for your time, lost wages, and any injuries.

Be sure to contact an experienced accident attorney if you are involved in a car wreck while on vacation. The Law Offices of Michael R. Munsey. P.C., can fight for your rights. To learn more or to schedule a free consultation, just call (276) 451-2056. We’ve been representing the injured and disabled for more than 30 years in Bristol, Johnson City, and Kingsport, TN, as well as Bristol, VA.