Tips for Avoiding an Accident with a Tractor-Trailer

avoiding an accident with a tractor trailer

avoiding an accident with a tractor trailerAbingdon, Bristol and Johnson City

As a personal injury lawyer in Abington and Bristol, our law firm has dealt with its fair share of cases involving victims of tractor-trailer accidents. These type of accidents can become your worst nightmare, leaving you or your loved ones severely injured or worse, dead. It is easy, as a motorist, to become distracted or rushed during your commute. The Law Offices of Michael R. Munsey, P.C., has provided you some tips to help you avoid getting in an accident with a tractor-trailer.

Avoid following too closely

We see the highway littered with blown out tires from time to time. Our state highway departments work feverishly to remove said debris from the highways, but you could still be the victim of an unfortunate tire blowout of a tractor-trailer. Following too closely to a tractor-trailer, or any vehicle for that matter increases your risk of having an accident, should the driver ahead of you experience a tire blowout. Following too closely means you may not have enough time to dodge the oncoming debris. Remember, it can take a tractor-trailer as much as 300 feet before coming to a complete stop, so avoid driving or entering the lane directly in front of a tractor-trailer as well.

Be aware of wind conditions

High wind gusts can cause a tractor-trailer to swerve out of their lanes. In the event that you are traveling on the highway during windy conditions, be sure to give tractor-trailers plenty of room ahead of you. Use caution as you pass, and do not linger alongside a tractor-trailer.

Watch out for Blind Spots

A blind spot is an area alongside the tractor-trailer in which the driver is unable to see. If you are driving in the driver’s blind spot, he or she may not see you, and therefore, you could get run off the road if the driver attempts to change lanes. When you get ready to pass the truck, wait until the driver ahead of you clears the front cab of the tractor-trailer. Then, move along and pass the truck, avoid lingering next to or at the rear of the truck, because the driver may need to change lanes at moments notice to avoid debris or other roadway hazards.

Passing Safely

Speaking of passing, when you need to pass a tractor-trailer, always do so on the left-hand side. Passing on the right side of the truck is dangerous since the entire right side is essentially a blind spot to the driver. And, as mentioned earlier, avoid lingering in the passing lane or next to a truck, if at all possible.

What to do if you are involved in an accident with a tractor-trailer

Try as you might, but you may still find yourself the unfortunate victim of a tractor-trailer accident. Here is what the Law Offices of Michael R. Munsey, P.C., recommend for you to do in this case.

After calling the police, immediately contact an experienced Abingdon attorney who specializes in tractor-trailer accidents. Tractor-trailer companies may send an insurance representative to the scene of the accident, and under no circumstances should you speak to him or her. Doing so could compromise your case against the trucking company and/or driver of the tractor-trailer.

At the Law Offices of Michael R. Munsey, P.C., we are experienced in both federal and state laws regarding commercial trucking accidents. We will move quickly to ensure we preserve evidence that supports your case. To schedule your free consultation, contact our office by calling (276) 451-2056.

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