Was your Wreck caused by Faulty Brake Pads

car accident caused by faulty brakes

car accident caused by faulty brakesAbingdon, Bristol and Johnson City

When you press on your brake pedal, your car stops … or at least it is supposed to. That is one of the first things we are taught when we start driving. Your brakes stop the car by using brake pads, which create friction and slow the speed of your car. The actual pad itself comes into contact with your car’s rotor and slows the speed of your car until it can come to a complete halt.

We all know that means these brake pads are subject to normal wear and tear. They should be checked and replaced every so often based on your driving conditions. When you have this kind of unseen vital piece functioning hidden in your car, your safety could be at risk if they aren’t functioning properly. You can’t tell how much your brake pad is worn down. If it is too far-gone or entirely safe off hand, you may not know either way. If a mechanic were to put on a faulty set of brake pads or installed them improperly, they might not work how they are supposed to. How do you know if this is happening when you are driving? Or, how do you know if your wreck in Johnson City was due to faulty break pads?

Look for these signs that your brake pads are not working as they should:

  • Reduced performance: Do they feel loose? Do you have to push down harder on the pedal?
  • Strange sounds: A metallic grinding or squeaking sounds are the most commonly noticed indicators that something is wrong.
  • Pulsing brakes: A brake pad wearing down unevenly will feel noticeably bumpy when you are driving.

If you notice any of these signs, don’t ignore them

Don’t turn your radio up to drown out the high-frequency metallic grinding or squealing sounds. Whether you’re on the highway going high speeds and you have to slam on your brakes, or you’re picking your kids up from school, and suddenly they fail without warning, you or your loved ones certainly don’t want to be injured in an accident. Don’t wait until you have to slam on your brakes to stop at a red light in the middle of town. It’s time for you to consider your personal health and well-being. Talk to your mechanic or get a second opinion from another local mechanic. Injuries from car wrecks aren’t a joke, so find out if your brake pads are faulty or if they were installed incorrectly.

Accident law in Johnson City

Unfortunately, you and your family may already be suffering the consequences of faulty or improperly installed brake pads. You need to know that there are steps you can take to help yourself. If you have been injured in an accident due to faulty or poorly installed brake pads, legally you have the right to seek compensation from the manufacturing company or people who installed them. If this has happened to you or someone you know, call the Law Offices of Michael R Munsey, P.C., today. We will fight for you, and we have more than three decades of experience litigating automobile injury cases. Schedule your free consultation to discuss your claim by calling our office today at (276) 451-2056.

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