Texting & Driving – Is the Sender of the Message Liable?

texting and driving is sender liable

Abingdon, Bristol and Johnson City Texting while driving is considered to be such a hazard on the roads that law enforcement officers are targeting the behavior, which also has been the subject of some massive advertising campaigns to raise awareness about the dangers involved. We all know about the potential ramifications if a driver gets into an accident because he … Read More

Why was my Disability Claim Denied, and what can I do about it?

why was my disability claim denied

Abingdon, Bristol and Johnson City No one ever plans on becoming disabled and not being able to work anymore, but when it happens to you, you hope that you can depend on disability income. After all, you probably have spent years paying little by little into the Social Security Administration, which may leave you sorely disappointed if your application for … Read More

Are my Workers’ Compensation Benefits Taxable

are workers comp benefits taxable

Abingdon, Bristol and Johnson City In the wake of our countries biggest tax overhaul, you may be wondering if your workers’ compensation benefits are taxable. When you get hurt on the job, you rely on those benefits to support you finically – from paying bills, to putting food on the table for you and your loved ones. The last thing … Read More

How to Recognize Nursing Home Abuse

recognize nursing home abuse

Abingdon, Bristol and Johnson City Nursing home abuse is a term all of us dread to hear. We all have parents or grandparents that we love and want them to be taken care of and kept safe. Many of us know that eventually our loved ones will get to a point in their lives in which they will need help, … Read More