3 Tips for Dealing with Insurance Companies after an Injury

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In the aftermath of an accident, the insurance company is in no rush to provide just and fair compensation to the victim. By reading our blog, you will learn how to effectively deal with insurance companies so you can get the most just and fair settlement for your injuries.

From car repairs to ongoing rehabilitation costs, these are just a few of the most common expenses a family can experience after an injury, which creates a disruption in the financial status in the home. Even if the victim is financially sound with a flexible budget, there may still be challenges to overcoming the incurred expenses. Typically, accident victims look to the insurance companies to provide quick and fair compensation for the losses from the accident. After all, paying insurance premiums for decades should cause immediate action due to your loyalty, right?

Well, if you have ever been in an accident, you may already know that dealing with an insurance company can be difficult and rarely produces fair compensation. First, insurance companies are businesses designed to make a profit like any other business. However, they understand that the less money they are required to pay from compensation claims, the more profit they make. Unfortunately, there are insurance companies that are dishonest or unfair and try to minimize the claim value or simply deny the claim.

Here are some proven strategies that will help you when dealing with an insurance company so you can receive fair and just compensation for your claim.

TIP #1 – Don’t feel pressured to take a settlement

The aftermath of an accident can cause significant expenses that often drain your entire budget and create financial stress. A recent survey stated that two-thirds of people often file for bankruptcy over medical bills. While not every bankruptcy is from the cause of an accident, the increased expenses for medical bills can be a reason to file an insurance claim quickly.

Insurance companies capitalize on these situations as they already know you are in dire need of financial relief. Quite often, the insurance representative will try to pressure the victim for a quick settlement in the attempt to settle below the actual value of your claim. Be wary of your first instinct to accept the offer immediately. Remember, insurance companies know that it is cheaper to settle the claim early. As time goes on, there may be more information about your accident that’s discovered. For example, your injury may be more serious than initially diagnosed and need additional medical attention. In this case, your claim would increase in worth.

So, when dealing with the insurance company, just keep in mind that the first settlement offer is usually not all-inclusive of the expenses and is more than likely too low. Have patience despite your financial difficulties as you may be entitled to more compensation.

TIP #2 – Be careful what you say

You must be careful what you say when speaking to the insurance company because everything you say can be used against you in court. To keep the insurance company from depriving your right to compensation or decreasing the worth of your claim, be cautious about explaining the accident or your injuries as the insurer can spin your words into an admission of fault or responsibility.

When you speak with the insurance agent, stick to the facts of the accident and try not to over-explain anything or offer unsolicited information. Make sure that you are extra cautious when seeking compensation from a third-party insurer such as the agent of the responsible party. To protect yourself and your interests, it is best to hire a qualified personal injury lawyer in Johnson City, like the Michael R. Munsey,  to prevent a third-party agent from downplaying your claim. Also, when asked to make a recorded statement, decline the opportunity to do so until you have spoken with your lawyer.

TIP #3: Do not sign medical releases for a third-party insurer

Your medical information is considered private, personal information, and is confidential. When you sign a medical release document, you are authorizing the release of your medical records to other parties. You may need to sign a release to receive compensation from your insurer. However, when you sign the release for the insurer of the responsible party, depending on your medical history, it can greatly reduce the chance of getting compensation.

Third-party insurance companies can use your personal medical record against you and your claims in the hopes of belittling the impact of the accident. They may go as far as trying to state your injuries are a result of other medical problems or conditions that existed prior to the accident to pay a lower settlement. Now, you may need your own medical records to support your claim. Be very selective about the files you share with the third-party insurer. Just to make sure you cover your bases, it’s always a good idea to speak with a top-rated personal injury attorney in the Kingsport area to handle your case.

When you file a compensation claim with an insurance company after an accident, mistakes can be common, and the stakes typically run high. Following these three tips will help you increase your chances of receiving a fair settlement. However, a qualified attorney can ensure your rights are respected, and your interests are protected through the insurance claim process. To learn more about hiring a personal injury attorney, feel free to contact The Law Offices of Michael R. Munsey, P.C., by calling (276) 451-2056 to schedule your free consultation today. Our office has been providing legal services to the areas of Bristol, Johnson City, and Kingsport, Tennessee for more than 30 years.