Injured on a Cruise-Know your Rights!

injured on a cruise

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People love to go on cruises, especially during summer vacation. These trips take all the stress and worry out of travel, with the entertainment, food and beverages all remaining immediately accessible at hand while the ship makes stops at exciting and exotic ports of call. However, sometimes a dream cruise ends in a nightmare due to negligence on the part of the cruise ship company and its crew. If you have been injured while on a cruise, you may be entitled to compensation.

What type of incidents occurs most often on cruise ships?

The type of problems on a cruise ship that may be grounds for a personal injury lawyer in the Tri-Cities to file a suit on your behalf includes swimming pool-related mishaps such as a poorly attached diving board or a malfunctioning water slide. Also, slip, trip, and fall accidents caused by a wet, unattended, or cluttered floor; medical negligence or medical malpractice by the ship’s attending physician; accidents during a shore excursion that was planned or approved by the cruise ship company; or food poisoning.  

If one of the above events has happened to you, passengers usually must file a written notice of claim within six months from the date of the incident, with any lawsuit filed within a calendar year of the date of the accident. Once that one-year term expires, typically, individuals are barred or prevented from filing a lawsuit in court.

Know the tactics of a cruise ship company

Many cruise ship companies will acknowledge a complaint or written notice of claim and express a willingness to provide compensation. However, this tactic usually results in a series of delays and empty promises of payment until that one-year window ends and a victim is left unable to file a lawsuit.

If you are injured on the high seas, you should contact an experienced Johnson City personal injury attorney as soon as possible. By waiting just a few days, your attorney may have difficulty filing suit on your half. Getting a lawyer with significant experience in personal injury law is crucial, as cruise ship companies often hire lawyers for major corporations who can intimidate or confuse plaintiffs with “legalese” or low-ball settlement offers.

The Death on the High Seas Act is intended to protect cruise passengers

This law, which passed in 1920, provides compensation for survivors of a person who died in an incident “caused by wrongful act, neglect, or default occurring on the high seas beyond a marine league (defined as a distance of three nautical miles) from the shore of any State, or the territories or dependencies of the United States.” The damages in cases that apply to the Death on the High Seas Act are comparable to those of a wrongful death lawsuit.

The challenges of litigation in a cruise ship case are unique

Cruise ships are subject to maritime law, which consists of case law and statutes that developed over many years with the intent of regulating exchanges among passengers, crews, and ship owners and cargo owners in international and coastal bodies of water. Many cruise passengers may not have the needed knowledge of maritime law, and its immense list of guidelines, which is why hiring an experienced personal injury attorney is best.

Personal Injury Attorney in the Tri-Cities

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