4 Water Safety tips to keep your Kids Safe

keep kids safe around water

keep kids safe around waterAbingdon, Bristol and Johnson City

It’s getting warmer outside, which means time for some water fun. Whether you are headed to the lake, a neighboring swimming pool, or adding a Slip’N Slide or kiddie pool to your backyard, you want to keep your children safe from drowning.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, from 2004-2014 an average of 3,536 people died by drowning (non-boating related) each year in the United States. That equates to about 10 people every minute. Just as unsettling is that one in five of those deaths occurred in children under the age of 14. Even if the incident doesn’t result in death, it can leave the victim with severe injuries such as brain damage, permanent loss of function, or lifetime disability.

An experienced personal injury attorney in Bristol, Michael R. Munsey, wants to share with you four safety tips to keep your kids safe around water this summer.

  1. Supervise children at all times

This may seem obvious, but it is easy to get distracted or tempted to walk away for just a moment. But, children must be supervised at all times when around water. Even children who have proven they know how to swim should be monitored. Never assume the attending lifeguard, if at a public pool, is going to have his or her eyes on your child specifically. Also, it doesn’t matter how shallow the water is, a child could unintentionally fall and hit their head, leaving them face down in the water, unable to breathe or move. Supervising your child when around water is a must, and also necessary if you are hosting others on your own property for a playdate.

  1. Remove standing water from your property

If you have a kiddie pool, Slip’N Slide or the like, never leave any standing water. Always empty the small pool to ensure no water remains. If you are able to store it away, that’s even better since rain may accumulate in it, posing a danger. That way, you don’t have to worry about your child, or a neighbor, toppling over the edge if outdoor playing.

  1. Follow the rules

When swimming in a public pool, there generally are rules posted. Those rules are there to keep swimmers safe. Therefore, it is a good idea to follow those rules and to teach those rules to your children. For a child, rules may seem like a way to ruin all of their fun, but explain what could happen if they break the rules, and why the rules are there in the first place.

  1. Eliminate hazards from the area

This is most helpful when using a kiddie pool or Slip’N Slide in your own backyard. Make sure the pool is not within a few feet of anything else. Remove any rocks or sharp objects from the ground because kids will usually be running around without their shoes on when playing in a pool or Slip’N Slide.

We hope these tips help keep you and your family safe against water-related accidents this summer. Summer is a time to enjoy the outdoors, which usually means suiting up and getting wet. No parent ever wants to be responsible for their child or a guest getting hurt, so be sure to follow these four simple tips while you and your children enjoy the water this summer.

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