Safety Tips for Thanksgiving

tips for safe thanksgiving

tips for safe thanksgivingAbingdon, Bristol and Johnson City

Thanksgiving is a holiday centered around spending time with family and beloved friends. It’s also the busiest time for travel as millions of Americans trek across town, or country, to visit their loved ones, while many others are at home basking turkeys in the oven and preparing that delicious holiday meal. With much to look forward to this holiday, the last thing you want is for disaster to strike.

Personal injury attorney in Johnson City wants to provide you with some safety tips for Thanksgiving. That way, you can relax and enjoy the holiday with your family and friends, safely.

Kitchen Safety

It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a feast, which is why many accidents can happen in the kitchen. With the hustle and bustle of guests, and all of the dishes to prepare, the oven, stove, coffee maker and many other electrical items are on, and there’s one thing they all have in common – they’re hot!

According to the National Fire Prevention Association, following these recommendations can prevent an injury in your home this holiday:

  • Always stay with food while it’s cooking
  • Never leave food cooking while unattended
  • Keep children and pets at least three feet away from anything hot (stove, oven, crockpot, etc.)
  • Keep potholders and oven mitts handy, but away from burners as they tend to catch fire easily
  • Never leave candles or a fireplace burning unattended
  • Turn off all kitchen appliances before you leave the room
  • Keep matches and lighters away from children
  • Always make sure your smoke alarms are installed properly and are located on every floor of your home, as well as bedrooms

Also, if you prefer a fried turkey for Thanksgiving, it’s best to leave it to the pros and order one from a local restaurant or caterer as home frying can be exceptionally dangerous.

Road Safety

As we all know, Thanksgiving travel time is the busiest of the year.

The American Red Cross advises the following travel safety tips to keep you and your family safe:

  • Never drive drowsy, make sure you’re well rested before getting behind the wheel
  • Everyone should be wearing a seatbelt; children should be in age-appropriate restraints such as a car seat or booster seat
  • Minimize distractions while driving
  • Avoid speeding
  • Should you end up with car trouble, pull over as far you possibly can to be away from traffic and oncoming vehicles

It goes without saying; never drive if you have been drinking. Even one drink could put you over the legal limit and pose as a danger to yourself or other drivers.

From the Law Offices of Michael R. Munsey, P.C., we wish you and yours a safe and happy Thanksgiving! We hope that you enjoy your holiday whether you are traveling or staying home. As always, please follow these guidelines to keep you and your loved ones safe. Should you or a loved one become injured as a result of someone else’s negligence this Thanksgiving, please call at the Law Offices of Michael R. Munsey, P.C., at (276) 451-2056 to schedule your free consultation.

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