Tips for Safe Driving this Halloween

tips for safe driving

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Halloween brings out throngs of children at night as they flock to neighborhood streets, going door to door gathering candy and sweet treats. Trick or treating can be a fun family event, but certain safety measures should be followed to keep kids safe, especially since they typically are walking around along sidewalks or crossing streets. Your Tri-Cities personal injury attorney at the Law Offices of Michael R. Munsey, P.C., has tips for safe driving this Halloween to prevent unfortunate accidents involving pedestrians.

Remain Alert

Most driver/child pedestrian accidents happen between 4-8 p.m., which means remain alert, especially during this time. Drive slowly through neighborhoods or along roadways where children are present. Avoid passing a stopped car or one that is partly pulled over as they could be letting children out of the car.

Park your Cell Phone

Using your cell phone while driving is a distraction that often may lead to an accident. When out driving on Halloween, just park your cell phone by leaving it in your purse or your pocket. Becoming distracted by using your phone while driving may end up in a disastrous collision that could leave you liable for damages or injuries.

Yield to Pedestrians

Always yield to pedestrians as they cross the street. Drive slowly when approaching crosswalks or areas where children are crossing in groups, such as at the end of a neighborhood street. Driving slowly will allow you more time to come to a complete stop in time.

Communicate with other Drivers

This should be a rule that everyone follows all of the time, not just at Halloween. The purpose of using your turn signal lets other drivers know your intentions, which is nice to know so that they can prepare accordingly either by moving over and changing lanes or slowing down. When you stop to pick up your kids, pull over and turn on your hazard lights to let the drivers around you know that you are stopping momentarily.  This also helps get their attention so that they will slow down and pay closer attention to their surroundings, such as the kids walking around the car to get in.

Teach your Trick-or-Treaters Safety

While we all hope that other drivers out there will practice safe driving tips, your children also should be taught how to keep safe during Halloween.

Be sure to teach your kids how to cross the street safely. If your child is not old enough to do this responsibly, never let them cross alone. Always make sure an adult or responsible older child is with them.

Consider indoor programs and activities for your kids. Also, some organizations sponsor trunk-or-treat activities that allow children to gather candy in a closed off area where cars are not allowed to drive.

Keep them bright! Add reflectors to their costume or provide them with glow sticks that they can wear so that drivers can see them better.

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