Why was my Disability Claim Denied, and what can I do about it?

why was my disability claim denied

why was my disability claim deniedAbingdon, Bristol and Johnson City

No one ever plans on becoming disabled and not being able to work anymore, but when it happens to you, you hope that you can depend on disability income. After all, you probably have spent years paying little by little into the Social Security Administration, which may leave you sorely disappointed if your application for disability gets denied.

Your Tri-Cities disability attorney at the Law Offices of Michael R. Munsey, P.C., is here to help shed some light on this subject matter, and provide insight on what you can do should your application for disability be denied.

Why was my application denied?

The Social Security Administration or SSA has a rigorous screening process to help reduce the chance of fraud. But, this means that a legit claim like yours may fall through the cracks, and end up getting denied. Here are common reasons why applications for disability get denied.

Not enough evidence of injury or treatments. The most substantial evidence of your claim is proof that your injury is real. If you did not provide sufficient evidence from a medical provider supporting your injury or any treatments that you received, SSA might deny your claim. Before submitting your claim, be sure to gather all necessary medical records and documentation that you need to support your case.

SSA believes that your disability is not permanent. Since SSA benefits are only available to people who have a permanent disability, your claim may be denied if you are truly able to return to work within a year of your injury. Therefore, a seemingly minor disability or one that is temporary, lasting less than a year, may disqualify you from receiving SSA benefits.

You failed to follow the SSA’s requests. The application process for SSA benefits is rigorous, which is precisely why siding with an experienced disability attorney is ideal when facing this type of situation. If you go at it alone, you could have your claim denied for something a little as missing paperwork, or paperwork that is inaccurate or incomplete. These mistakes could end up costing you a delay in benefits.

My claim was denied, what can I do about it?

There is a lot of red tape when applying for SSA benefits, and more than half of applications are denied the first time around. If you receive a denial, first, remain hopeful, because you can file an appeal. Chances are that if you received a denial the first time, it would be wise and worth your while to seek legal counsel to file an appeal. An attorney that is knowledgeable in SSA benefits, claims, and appeals will know just how to navigate through the processes and work for you to get the most out of your benefits.

In some cases, when an attorney is involved in the appeals process, he or she may even be able to get you back pay for payments you missed since you received your denial. Whatever you do, don’t go at this alone.

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