Don’t take Early Retirement before seeing if you Qualify for Social Security Benefits

dont retire early without social security benefits

dont retire early without social security benefitsAbingdon, Bristol and Johnson City

These days, the typical retirement age is 65 years old. At this age, you qualify for social security benefits, but what happens if you are unable to work this long? Don’t just assume that you need to retire early and risk being financially unstable. For aging workers who are close to retirement, but missing the age cutoff for social security, you may qualify for social security disability. Consult with an experienced attorney in the Tri-Cities to see if you qualify for these benefits or if you have received a denial letter from a previous application.

Maybe you have a small nest egg in a retirement account, but that is not enough to get you through for a couple of more decades or longer. If working another type of job is out of the question for you, then social security disability may be an option.

What qualifies for early retirement?

This is really something that you need to decide upon yourself, but also consider your state of health. A complete physical by your physician or additional testing may be needed to determine any chronic ailments that may be hindering you from doing your job. If you are unable to continue working in your current industry that you work in and will be unable to return to work within a year, then you may be looking at retiring early with social security disability.

Chronic ailments, diseases, or work-related injuries may qualify you for social security disability. Keep in mind, however, that if you currently receive workers’ compensation for a workplace injury, that any social security disability benefits that you may be entitled to may be reduced until your workers’ compensation runs out.

Applying for social security disability benefits can be a bit tricky, especially if you do it yourself. This is why having an experienced attorney on your side can be beneficial for you, and help save you time as to not delay receiving your benefits. Appealing a denial is just as important as filing for the first time. Experienced attorneys at the Law Offices of Michael R. Munsey, P.C., understand the ins and outs of social security, and will work hard to see to it that you qualify for benefits should you be disabled and unable to work till full retirement age.

Remember, that if you have anyone else who depends on your income, you should know that qualifying spouses and dependents may be able to receive your benefits after your death. This could be an important supplemental income for your significant other in the event that something happens to you and they are left paying the bills.

Social Security Disability Attorney in the Tri-Cities

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