What to do when you are not Healthy Enough to Work until Retirement

not healthy enough to work until retirement

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If you are between the ages of 55-65 years old, the chances are that you are already thinking about retirement. While retirement could still be 5-15 years away, if you are not fortunate enough to maintain good health that allows you to continue working, you may not be able to remain in the workforce that long. What is an aging adult to do if they encounter a health crisis that prevents them from working to the full retirement age of 70? The Law Offices of Michael R. Munsey, P.C., is here to provide you with some information that may help you financially, should you be physically unable to work to receive your full social security retirement benefits at age 70.

How soon can I retire and still receive social security benefits?

The earliest possible age that anyone can receive social security retirement income is age 60, but that only applies to widows and widowers. If you have not lost a spouse, then you would be required to wait until at least age 62. However, keep in mind that claiming your benefits this early would result in decreased monthly income from social security. Many people delay claiming their social security until at least age 65 because they can draw as much as 8% per year more than claiming early benefits. Waiting until age 70 will pay out the highest benefit amount that you qualify for, but what happens if you cannot wait that long?

I’m not old enough to claim even partial benefits, what are my options?

For aging adults in the workforce, specifically those individuals who are getting close but just are not close enough (ages 55-65) to receive full benefits, you may have options to close the income gap if you are in a health crisis. In other words, if you are physically unable to continue working then social security disability income may be an option for you.

How can social security disability income help me?

Regardless of age, an adult over the age of 18 who is suffering from a medical condition that prevents them from working for at least one year or more, or that may result in death, could qualify for social security disability income to help them financially. You may not even realize that your current state of health is considered a health crisis that will inevitably prevent you from working until you can draw full social security benefits.

How do I know if my health condition causes me to be disabled?

There are many different types of health conditions that may disable you from working at your regular job. Only a doctor can perform the necessary tests and assessments to determine your current level of health. If the results of your testing indicate that you are unable to continue working at your current job or even perform another type of work due to your condition, then you could be eligible for social security disability benefits.

Social Security Disability Attorney in the Tri-Cities

If you are currently suffering from a health condition that may prevent you from working until you reach full retirement age, then you may be eligible for early compensation. The best way to know for sure is to meet with a social security disability attorney such as Michael R. Munsey, P.C. To schedule your free consultation, contact our office by calling (276) 451-2056 today.

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