Safe Driving for July 4th

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When it comes to traveling on the road, the Fourth of July is the deadliest day of the year when evaluating the number of fatal vehicle crashes. What makes the Fourth of July so dangerous? A combination of the increased number of vehicles on the road, people driving in unfamiliar areas outside of their regular commute, people using their cell phones while driving, and people driving after drinking alcohol throughout the day.

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For that reason, here is a list of safe driving tips for the Fourth of July holiday:

  • Stay put: If possible, why even travel at all? If you do decide to go out of town for the holiday, consider spending the night at a motel or campground and driving home the next morning when there will be fewer vehicles on the road, and the risk of sharing the road with drunk drivers is much lower.
  • No motorcycles: If you are involved in a vehicular accident while riding a motorcycle, your risk of serious injury is much higher. Leave your bike at home for the holiday and drive your car instead.
  • Leave early: The earlier in the day you are on the road, the less likely you will encounter impaired drivers sharing the highway with you.
  • Common sense: A little common sense goes a long way. Buckle up, and make sure everyone riding with you also wears their seat belt. Also, do not drink and drive, or if you are sober, you could volunteer to be the designated driver.
  • Put away your phone: Texting while driving has proven to be just about as dangerous to you and your fellow drivers as driving drunk. In heavy traffic or when traveling on unfamiliar roads, even using a hands-free device is not a safe option. Let the calls and texts wait until you are off the road.
  • Mind your distance: Try to stay at least several car lengths behind the vehicle ahead of you. This gives you a better chance to see erratic driving ahead of you, react, and avoid any potential crashes.
  • Show caution at intersections: No matter what traffic signals and signs you may see at an intersection, never assume the other drivers know what they are doing. After all, impaired drivers are not exactly known for obeying traffic laws. Never assume other drivers are going to stop until they do.
  • Checkpoint etiquette: Police checkpoints are quite common on major holidays like the Fourth of July. If you encounter one of these, be courteous and show your driver’s license and insurance when they are requested.

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